to apply a style to a certain group of elements on a web page, configure a css


What does this even mean? How do you apply a style to a certain group of elements on a web page? I’m going to assume you’re using a web page editor to do this.

In CSS (and other stylesheets) we can configure a set of rules that affect how an element on a page is styled. Some of the more common rules that can be configured are border, color, etc.

If you’re just putting your head in there and don’t have a whole bunch of rules to work out, you can probably use CSS. However, if you’re creating your own style set, CSS is the way to go to make it easier to do your own custom styles.

In creating your own custom style set you can even customize how the styles on different elements on your page are combined. For example, if you need to change a list style of an element on a page you can use the css property width to control the element’s width.

However, I think theres a better way to do it: you can use variables. With variables, you can use the same style on different elements of the same page and have different elements use the same style.

I had an idea to do something similar to this, but I wanted to create an element like this for the whole website, not just one part of it. I could use css variables in the body tag, but it would be a bit of a chore to modify the style in a loop.

Well, the way i see it, css variables make it a lot easier to apply a style to elements that have the same classes.

This brings me to my next point. If you make a style for an element, you can use css variables to apply it to all of the elements that have the same class. Since css variables are applied by the browser to the elements, they are the same across all the pages.

I know that I can set a background color to a div, but is really the only way to do that is to set everything inside the div to the same color. But a div has specific properties. So instead of changing the background color to a color, I can use the background property to select a color.

In this example, I’ve set the background color to #FF0000 in the body tag. This is because there are some div elements that have the background property set to transparent. This is just an example.

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