I love the look in the eye of the designer. As a designer I find her to be very unique and I love her style; however, the fact that she is a designer doesn’t mean she’s a designer. I have found that the more I speak with my fellow designers, the more they seem to be afraid of talking to strangers or about their own art. This is a shame, because I love to hear my designs being talked about.

Some designers, especially the ones that have their own studios, are very secretive with their designs. Many have a very small and very specific group of friends they keep in their studio. There is a certain kind of person that likes to keep their designs in their own head. Many designers make a point of keeping a small, intimate studio for themselves. This kind of design is very specific and comes from a place of personal creativity.

I work in a much larger studio with many more designers than I do as a designer. I don’t really get a lot of the personal design stuff. I just know that the people we work with are very creative, and that they are very creative people themselves. I think they have a unique ability to express themselves that just doesn’t exist in most other artists.

I think what people mean when they say “personal design” is making a point of keeping a small, intimate space for themselves, and I agree. You can often make a point of keeping a studio for yourself and not be the type to let everyone know about it. If I want to make a point of keeping a studio for myself, then I want to be a pretty discreet person. That doesnt mean that I dont get my share of the credit for other people’s work.

I agree with this point. One way to think about personal design is to think about what it is that makes you special. I believe that when you are designing your own space, you are also giving credit to those that have helped you along the way. Not everyone gets the credit for their work, but in general its the case that if you do something good you are given credit for it. If you make something that is not good, then you have not fulfilled your personal design goal.

I don’t think that all personal design is like this though. I think there’s a part of personal design that is more abstract. But to me it’s like making a cake… you do your best to make a good looking cake. But if the design process is not entirely your own, then you have no ground to stand on.

I agree. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the fact that we did something good or that we did something good that you did not. I think that we all have to be careful that we don’t become complacent. We always have to keep in mind that if something good happens, then you should be happy about it. If you think its okay that someone else has done something good, that’s okay. But if you think it’s the best, that’s not okay.

This is especially true on the web. We see every little thing, and we all do it subconsciously. We all go through phases when we’re more “cute” or “awesome” or “cool” or whatever. We all find it amusing to point out the “cool” factor of something and say, “Well it’s cool that you’re wearing that t-shirt.” But then we forget to put that into the equation.

In the new royalegems trailer, you see how the ‘cool factor’ is brought into play. All of the royalegems that are in the game have been in a battle with a guy called the Beast, who is in fact the ruler of the island. He has done something awesome and he’s the one who’s coming up with the cool factor.

Its not that we can’t imagine how cool it could be to be in a battle against a guy in a t-shirt, but because we’ve never met him we can’t imagine what he’s like as person. But it does make you wonder what the cool factor is in the game.

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